More Than Conquerors

I remember when I first started to come out to church and we had midweeks in large groups down by the downtown library, and one day we had to memorize some scriptures because we where going to be tested. I wasn’t a disciple yet but I challenged myself to learn these scriptures and to partake in the testing. It turns out I actually passed the little quiz, I remember being so proud of myself because I did something I normally wouldn’t have done any other time ‘Study the Bible’ thus beginning my long journey to salvation. One of the scriptures I still remember to this day (now going on 6 years; 7 soon) is

Romans 8:28

More Than Conquerors 28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I always thought about this scripture because I never understood what my purpose was, ever. I know the obvious ones like love my neighbour, be kind, be forgiving, I mean I known these since I was in grade school.

What is my purpose? I kept asking myself. What is it that I am supposed to do? As a human being, as a person living in this earth, what do I need to do? I never beileved the fact that we are just here and then we die. I always had a feeling that we are more than just a bag af bones, a skeleton held together by a thin membrane we call skin. Obviously there are laws in this physical world that govern the physics around us, and God is the great architec behind it all. God has called each and everyone of us. Even those who choose to walk away from him.

This, of course, leaves us to ask the question: what are we conquering?

have you ever heard the saying that goes like this, ‘we are our own worst enemy’. We are conquering our destiny, our future, our outcome as people, and dare I say, our love. We conquer our fears, and fear no more, we conquer our weaknesses and turn them into victories, we conquer our insecurities and achieve great things. All because we have come to understand what God’s love within us is.


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  1. Jed

    Before I became a disciple, the question of “what is my purpose?” was not a very welcome thought. There seemed to be thousands of opinions, most of them biased toward whatever philosophy the speaker held, and I had concluded that it was impossible to know the truth of it. Most of the time I tried not to think about it. Other times I would indulge thoughts like these, giving them freedom to wander in my imagination wherever they would take me, but usually from within the safety and anonymity of a drug-clouded haze. It truly was a revelation and a great relief not only to read Romans 8:28 and others like it, but to hear the truth of it in my heart and mind. Today it is my conviction that my purpose is to love. Now my challenge in life is overcoming my selfishness and undiscipline. And although these are difficult goals yet they are easier to deal with than trying to figure out what I am here for! Thanks for sharing Roberto.


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