Hamburger Hill

It`s been a while since I published anything, though I have been writing away like crazy and going in all different directions. But it`s good because it`s a purging process the more I write the more of the garbage the swarms around in my head comes out leaving behind the golden nuggets that can change lives… lol

Hamburger Hill.

this is a really old war movie and its really good. If you like war movies and haven’t seen this one then you have to go to the video store and get a copy. Back in the late 70`s and early 80`s a bunch of war movies came out like Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, plus many others but one that was a great hit was Hamburger Hill. This is the story of a platoon that was trying to grab a Vietnamese stronghold on top of a hill. Although the hill held no importance or strategic point it was something that the American army had to do. I don’t care much for politics since they are essentially a bunch of rules and regulations dictated by people, but God’s laws, yes, God’s Laws govern even the air we breath day in and day out, until we go away to that magical land reserved for us willing to accept God as the one and only and devote our lives to his cause.

Edit: April 21st, 2009
I signed up to an rss feed of Verse of the Day website. and today’s verse was this:

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 15:57 (NIV)

as of lately I found myself becoming very judgemental about everything that revolves around me, work live, home live, and just about everything else I do on a regular basis. God has blessed me so much and I have taken it for granted in many ways. Last night I realize how miserable I can let my self get when I don’t focus on God. After reading this scripture today I also realized how my battle has been won, and that my efforts to make sense of things are basically wasted as someone chasing after the wind. Today I said to myself “God has given me victory to carry on”, each time I said it I felt closer to him and more at peace. “God has given me the victory to carry on”, is what I repeated over and over today. When I think about work and all its hardships w e endure day in and day out, I think about what God has done for me. When in my negative thinking I put myself down for not doing things better I think about God giving me the victory to carry on. When I felt the pressure of life coming down on my shoulders, I think of the Victory God has given me to carry on. God is great. Let me him be true and every man a liar.

So my friends when you feel you are walking up a muddy hill while being shot at by a very powerful enemy think about what God has done for you, He has given you the victory of the war and not the battle. So carry on and walk with your head up high because Jesus has fought the battle and won.

Again thank you for your time and eyes to read my thoughts

Roberto Padron


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