Lots of people say God works in mysterious ways, and maybe he does, but I’m here to say that isn’t true. It’s all lies, and lies they are… God isn’t mysterious, God is known everywhere, people know of God and his works. God doesn’t make it a mystery of what he can do. Since I can remember I’ve been listening on what God has done for people, and I also grew up listening to the larger than life stories found in the bible (Samson, David, Jesus). God doesn’t hide what he has done for humanity, nor does he keep what he has created hidden. All is that is created is there already, we just haven’t discovered it all. The more we search the more we will find, for all creation is laid bare before him. I’ve watched many a documentary about this world or nature or the sky, I’ve also been witness of great and awesome natural happenings (northern lights, star filled sky, storms, childbirth, etc.) which aren’t by any means just something that came to be. This life isn’t by chance, this world isn’t just cause, and the animals on the earth are not here by natural selection. Natural Selection makes me laugh, because if it was for that then Humans wouldn’t exist. We would’ve been wiped out of the earth by bigger, stronger and better developed animals. No, we are here because God wanted us here…

I have no scriptures today, only my opinion. You can take it or leave it, either way it’s all good. The other day I was on Youtube and I posted a comment. I usually don’t post in sites like that because it doesn’t go anywhere, people only take sides on what they believe. Well, it was a God video and some posted “prove it” in big bold letters, which made think about it. After much thought on how we can prove that God does exist I came to a simple solution. I don’t have to, I don’t have to prove God exist, that is because God is everywhere and it’s up to the person to be humble and see him. Then I reposted that I didn’t need to prove it, in fact I didn’t even know how to… and all I could do was to show him who God is and that the prove was going to be IN the person himself. I also said most likely even if I was able to prove there is a God that he wouldn’t believe. After all, people walked away from Jesus himself.

Today I heard a song by an artist not even close to being a Christian but I really enjoyed the lyrics and they go like this:

You have loved?

You are not alone

You have braved the weather.

When the storm,

Cut you to the bone

There was always shelter!

My secret friend

I’ll take you to the river

My secret friend

So we can swim forever

In your skin, to die a little death

This time there’s no code word.

When everyday frays in hollow ends

Dreams sweet love submersive.

Take this song as you will, but when I heard it the first time I loved it. Then I really listened to the lyrics, and thought of God. This song made think of my past and how much I suffered without God, but now after baptism I swim forever submerged in God’s love. When I think of hurt and pain I think of a dark stormy time in my life, but looking back at it now I see how God was there every time I messed up helping me, moulding me, making me strong in understanding and patience. God was my shelter. Can you imagine if God allowed Satan to come at you full force. I can’t, and I won’t even try to either. Because of God we have live today, because of God we have love today…

God doesn’t work in mysterious ways, he works in Amazing Ways…!!!

Thank you



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