Devoted to your Purpose(revised & updated)

“Turn from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it (Psalm 34:14)” is a scripture I read the other day. I believe that in the path to spiritual healing this scripture helps. Although this is but a simple scripture the depth of what we can extract is bottomless, it’s like juicing an orange and it never runs out of juice. Reading the scripture does next to nothing if we don’t combine it with reflection and action. So I pondered! Between this scripture and Romans chapters 1, 2 & 3 there was so much I had to consider. The core of this scripture truly is repentance. I would have to turn 180 ° from my (sinful) actions and do what I know is right. Not only do I have to act, I have to continue to seek righteousness. See, when we are in God we have peace (Philippians 4:8), and to continue seeking peace is to continue to read, share, preach, and put into practice the word of God. The (the word) very thing that takes us to a place where eagles soar and the horizon bends, the heights of this world.

I made a plan to get right with God in my life. I told myself in God’s presence that I need to be the one God wants me to be. Today I can honestly say that victory has been achieved. Thank all of you who prayed and didn’t give up on me…

October 31st (Devoted to your purpose)

Starting on something new today, since it’s been about 2 weeks since I started writing this… Life gets full of things and we can become ‘busy’. But have no fear I can make time for you my dear and precious readers (if I have any that is)… I have gain a tremendous amount of conviction lately, only due to reading the word daily and putting into practice. First I want start by saying that Satan isn’t a happy camper when we try to maintain a relationship with God. And everything we do is one way or another intertwined with Satan lies, for he is all around us and waiting to attack. Whatever we do, whatever we think or say or act upon Satan tries to get in there and deviate us from what is right, and righteous. Lately at work I have been very happy, no, sorry, very joyful. Yes, joyful, I’m joyful because I have been deep in the word studying it and going through it, sort of like combing knots out of kinked hair, painful it can be but the reward is good and shiny/styled hair… But no to say it hasn’t been all peaches and cream, I’ve had my shares of difficulties at work related my work and time at work. The more I open my mouth about God (whether asking someone to come to church or just simply sharing with others my convictions about God and the life he wants us to have) the more persecution I get. The other day I had a little talk with my boss about hours worked, and I think it went well. Now, mind you by contract I am required to work 50 hours a week plus any other the job may require. But I try to keep them as close to 50 as possible. A co-manager got sick and I was asked to come in and fill in for him on a shift(the next morning on my day off). Normally, I don’t have a problem with this but on the day they need it me I had my kids with me and it was going to be difficult to have them there at the time I need to be there as it was early in the morning. Long story short I was confronted with what I had said about working when need it by my boss, and we came to an understanding that last minute (emergencies) are not part of my required time at work and if can’t make it to work because of previous engagements then I can’t make it. He was cool with that. Later that day another manager (a peer) decided to question me again about it, this conversation didn’t go so well. You see, after my first conversation I had with THE boss everything was good and although I felt uncomfortable having it I still felt good about it. Bothered and not settled I went to pray on my break, and read Ephesians 6:10 The Armour of God and I was rejoiced by the word so much I started to sing the song Soldier of Christ Arise and put your armour on..!!! I was so rejoiced after that. Lunch went without a hitch and the boss was happy. Then is when my co-manager decided to question me about my hours and such… like I said earlier I didn’t go well because I didn’t take it well… my boss who was gone for the day was called by me and I lost it. I really did, I said what I said, most of it being about my family and my conviction that my family comes first before my job and that my time with my family is far more important than work… so on!!! You get the drift. I wasn’t disrespectful but I was very upset, since, the other manager said it was my boss wants to have this conversation again. Let’s just say I wasn’t very righteous, though still professional, not righteous at all. We came to a resolve and all is good for now or so I think. I did apologize to all involved and all involved apologized to me which was good. However every action has an equal reaction. And I hope that it didn’t have a negative impact on my relationship with my boss since it was a good one (please pray for both our hearts to be humble).

But then that’s when I realized my fight is not against the flesh and blood, but against Satan scheming ways and how he can grab the most insignificant thing and make you be troubled against all that you know. I left out all inhibitions about God when confronted with something that was resolved by someone who didn’t have anything to do with what was going on. Satan wanted me to be mad and angry and bothered by what had happened and I, thanks to God, was able to calm down and speak instead of just throwing words about without rhyme or reason!

My conviction is to be devoted to your purpose and God will provide peace of mind. Thank you for reading. And if you ask, I can let you know how it is with my boss next week.



after my little escapade last Friday with my boss and so on, I had a lot of time to think and ponder on what had been a little misunderstanding from all parts. After prayer and advice I was convicted that no matter what had happen I needed to be above reproach, not only so but also to be humble in my ways, slow to anger and quick to listen. After last Sunday’s lesson in where I learned that David had grace and compassion for the man that wanted to kill him even in his death. David showed me how to really put God’s love into practice. I have been studying how to put my godly armor and how to think how God does, my battle isn’t against people but against the evil, malicious dark forces in this world, Satan’s army. So on Monday I went to work really early because I had some baking that need it to be done. Couple of hours later My boss walked in, said hi and went to the office, in where I followed him. Once in the office I simply apologized for my behavior and how it wasn’t necessary for me to loose it and I also apologized for taking my frustration on him which he really didn’t really deserve no matter how right I was in doing so. He’s response was “no harm done”! end of conversation. But this simple action had us sharing today in the office in some wholehearted laughter, tension-less fun. This also brings me to conviction on repentance. My wife shared a great communion on Sunday. She mentioned how repentance is evident not only to the one repenting but all around them. This is true in my situation, even my boss was moved by my sincere heart since he knows that I live for God (and he doesn’t judge me for it either)

I praise God for his wisdom imparted to me trough his words. I praise God for allowing me to return to him after my battle with sin in the last couple of years, which isn’t over, but only less. It reminds me of Jesus’ words “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

I am rested, joyful, renewed, my panting for water has been quenched!

Thank you for your prayers, and the time you waste in reading my thoughts! I truly appreciate it.



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