Action Reactions

Action Reactions

It all started when I was stuck in traffic one day in downtown Calgary after a mandatory Chef’s meeting, when on the radio there was an Hermanos Rosario song. And I said to myself ‘Spanish in Calgary?’ Well, it happens to be the whole station is in Spanish, so I left it tuned while I reminisced about days of old when I was just a mere young lad where palm trees sway at the crisp warm breeze rising from the high seas at noon… err, back to my story. That’s when something unexpected came to be, it totally caught me by surprise. There was a small itty bit of scripture on the commentator speech in between songs, the scripture was Matthew 8:14-15. What I love about this scripture is the simplicity of it! One thing to notice first is the power of Jesus, no prayer or petition to God, just action. Second, Jesus’ love for those he cared for. Third, Jesus’ touch means a lot more than we give it credit for. Fourth, the mother’s reaction, she got up and got about her business.

I was so inspired by this scripture that I looked up as soon as I had time to have a quiet time, and that’s when I struck at how simple it was. God touches us in so many ways. In retrospect when we look into our lives before we were disciples we can see God’s power at hand, God dropping hints about him trying to make contact with us. We often dismissed it because we weren’t paying attention or didn’t want to acknowledge it. When we become aware of Him, God has touched us. When we are baptized God has touched us, God touches us in so many different ways either through answered prayers or fruitful actions that can only come from God. When we are about our purpose, God has touched us because we understand what our role in life is. Not only can God touch us; but because of us, God can touch others. Peter only asked Jesus and he went. How is my faith when I pray for others, when I ask God to revive others from their slumber? Am I faithful enough? 6 chapters after Matthew 8 we see how Peter lacked faith when he was walking on water, yet he’s passion and love for his mom was beyond the love he had for himself. This is unthinkable, in a world were self reliance and self grandeur is pushed so much that we believe it. Me, me, me, it’s all we hear and for the lot of us it’s all we want. But God is telling us to reach out and touch others with our faith. We have the ability to introduce God to people, by sharing our faith, our lives, our experiences and our weaknesses. Yes, our weaknesses because through them we show people who we really are. No pretences, no lies, no front, no facade, in turn they become our strengths only because we have God backing us up. Our weaknesses become our strengths because through them we grow. We learn from our fears, we learn how to deal with them, and overcome them. This is the perfect example of growth, a perfect example of maturity. Maturity in God is far more than we can possible ask for in a lifetime. Understanding God’s plan for our live is maturing, because there is so much God asks of us. Many things we have never thought we could do. Things we often feared, we fear them for fear of being ridiculed (like sharing our faith in public), fear for abandonment (from friends, and family) , fear of Judgement (the people closest to us would not understand if they don’t follow God), fear of persecution from employers for doing Church events, attending Sunday church or so many other things. The threat is there no matter what, but God tells us that it’s ok to endure these things for him. In the end, we’ll gain the victory already attained through Jesus dying on the cross.

The simplicity of this scripture has awakened me and spurred me to a new level of understanding. As disciples we know what we ought to do, seek and save the lost, love one another and worship God unconditionally. On a deeper level of spirituality, we are here to serve God wholeheartedly and without hesitation. I have challenged myself to focus o these things, instead of what’s wrong with me. Next are some scriptures that have helped me achieve confidence in God:

Jude 1:20-23: Ephesians6:18-20: Matthew5:10: Matthew5:6: Deut6:5

Plus many others, my hope is for you; the readers to find little hidden nuggets in the word of God and cling to them, there is much we can learn from even the smallest whisper that comes from God. To God be the glory.


Roberto Padron


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