Reaching Out



So! Today I took a bunch of church cards so I could invite people over to church. Actually, the main reason I took them is because of a guy I see just about every day on the subway playing his guitar and I thought I could invite him. Before I saw him I had invited 2 guys that come to the market all the time. One of them is a regular delivery driver and the other guy is just a customer… When I was done work I was on my way to catch the train when I SAW him, the guitar player guy, and I just kept walking. My actions today just showed me that I need to grow in cold contact. The funny thing is this guy hasn’t been playing down there all week, but today, the day the spirit reminds me to get those cards I kept walking and completely ignored the spirit.


Please pray for me and all the others that feel the aches and pains of being out of shape spiritually.


To God be the glory




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