Getting into the swing of things

Lately I’ve been motivated to start writing again. With little success and no time extra time on my hands I find it difficult to start this process again.

Things to consider if you want to start blogging:
1- Blog, blogging is just like keeping a journal. It needs to be consistent.
2- Theme, figure out what is your main theme is.
3- Cost, blogging can be costly if you want to become a serious blogger. Not the path I want to take but can see myself there in the future. (things to consider some pro bloggers spend up to $1000 a month to upkeep their blog)
4-Time, you need to make time for writing.
5- Content, what to blog about. Ironically, I have a ton of ideas, just not enough time.

These are some steps I have to really consider before I can make this a constant part of my life. it’s definitely something I don’t think I’ll be giving up but to how much can I devote to it, only time will tell. For now I can only start the journey and make it a habit, 39 more days to go.


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