When old is not old enough!

“I feel old” is something I’ve caught my self saying a few times. So, I pondered on why I did.  Well, it turns out I have lived a long life in a very short time. I’m nearing the age of 32 and I have 4 children the oldest one being 10. Raising children is not an easy task and they demand a lot from you. Having kids make you see the world under a difference light, with a different perspective and forces you to make changes in your character. But this is not a parenting blog nor one about children.

Few things I’ve identified as to why I feel old:

  1. Career: I feel I should be way ahead on my career making money in the hundred of thousands. I have a very diverse background, but being a career Chef for about 10 years and being involved with the hospitality industry can were you down a lot. This is an unforgiving career that demands just about 25 out of 24 hours of the day. Really! it does, and balancing a family home life with a thriving career is something I never came close to mastering.
  2. Financially: with so much experience at what I did for a very long time I should be ahead in my savings. Truth is that’s not the case. Albeit, I’ve made some really bad choices in life that left me hanging, but managing a gigantic small family is tough. Diapers, Formula, clothes, shoes, school, extra curricular activities, and did I mention my wife and I have to pay the bills too along with a  mortgage. This is an area that will always need close attention.
  3. Life Stature: So many times and in so many jobs, wants and needs I believed I deserved more. When wanting more I focused so much energy to where I thought I wanted to be. This really wares someone out. Now that I’m older and wiser I know that this is just chasing after the wind.

Indeed, I can dissect my life in front of your eyes, but I have to say that being in my 30’s has made me see life differently. Life is like making stew, you got it let it stew a while. Got it give it time to for all the flavours to come to release and come together. Old age! has made me wise enough to know I’m not that old.


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