My First Mora

Knives are a great tool to have. They’re right up there with flashlights, lighters and screwdrivers. I got new one just the other day.
It was my birthday recently and a good friend of mine gave a Mora Companion Knife as a present.
Just make it clear this is a survival type of tool used mainly in an outdoors type of setting, however, I do have a fascination shiny sharp things like knives. I’ve bought my share of knives summing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. When you’re a chef you need the right tools to get the work done. This Mora is a little different that the types of knives I’m used to. I still use to this day knife that are simple in design that do the job. Cut, Slice and Chop. Normally you would need an array of knives to do such tasks. Indeed I still believe that, but there’s one that rules them all and that one is the utility knife. Normally a miniature version of the Chef’s knife and only up to 6 inches long. This is the knife I most often used and since this Mora is very similar to a utility one I decided I would put it to the test in a setting more familiar to me. I unsheathed this puppy in my kitchen
I had a great ol’ Pumpkin that need to be gutted to make soup out of. Needless to say I put this little guy to its paces. If you’ve ever cut a hard skin squash you would know it’s not an easy task.
1- The ergonomic grip handle came out as one of the best features for this little fellow. I had a sure grip over the control of the handle allowing me to slice in different directions (up, down and away from me)
2- The shape of the handle also helped in the cutting process. The handle cradles in the palm of your hand in which ever way you hold it. When I pressed down I held it in a typical way but when I had to slice away I had to turn over the pumpkin along with the knife to do so.
3- The blade is thick and sharp. I was surprised how the blade didn’t bend when I tried to rotate the blade inside the pumpkin. You can tell good workmanship went into this little guy.
Needless to say I went through the squash in no time. If I ever resume my career in the kitchen I would seriously reconsider my choices in the knife department. Having experienced the utility and comfort-ability of this knife has made second guess the more dominant knife labels out there. For the price of one professional mid range utility  you can buy 3 of these little guys (you can also get them in different colors too) For the price of one of these you have no choice but to try one.
If you could, would you change your knives?
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One response to “My First Mora

  1. taze

    this article changed my life!
    thank you for blogging.


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