The Shaving Conundrum

I noticed something very peculiar this November. I decided to take part in the now renamed month of “Movember“, I’ve donated my upper lip to raise money for Prostate Cancer research (there are groups all over you can join and donate), and in this I found the conundrum. You see the only rule to “Movember” is that you should start on November 1st with blank slate. Shave all your facial hair and in the day following shave all but your mustache. Guys are encouraged to be really creative with their stash… I’ve seen many different styles and competitions through many of my clients looking to see who would raise the most money. Parties everywhere are available on your local watering holes and eateries, and usually devote a hole day and night of the month in where a percentage of the proceeds and tips go towards a great cause!

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However, this is what I noticed. To all that know me, know me with a goat tee, a bad one at that since I can’t grow any hair even if my life depended on it. No, seriously. So I started to shave about a couple of days before the deadline of Nov. 1st and right away a shift on how people looked at me. I even got complements on how “good i looked” starting with my boss!!!!! I know that in sales and the corporate world is the status quo to be neat, clean in appearance and shaven.
So I started to think about it a little bit more in depth,
Why the shift in perspective?
     – It’s the expectation: As I mention before, the “norm” or the “rule of thumb” is to present you best foot forward. As if the way you look is what makes you good at your job! Well, maybe that might be the case?!
     – It improves your appearance: As much as I like beards I have to say that a clean-shaven face does look really good. It feels clean and it doesn’t need multiple cleaning and grooming throughout the day as with a beard.
Shaving your face is like waving a magic wand to your customers. Why, How? do you ask, I really don’t know but it works. Shaving clean gives the people you actively interact with on a regular basis a different you, a different perspective and a different agenda. If you’re in the sales community or even anything close related to the corporate world shaving might just be of great benefit in your trail to success!
I’ve been impacted so much that I’m considering to shave on a regular basis and not grow my beard again… I’ve seen great improvements maybe you can too.

If shaving would improve your persona, would you do it?


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