Go Local or Go Home

A few months back I had the opportunity to go to eat a mainstay in downtown Chicago, Il. I was in Elk Grove for work training and every night our group had an activity. One particular night we decided to go to a Cubs game. However, we were late getting out of our class and a bunch of us decided to hang out in downtown Chicago since we were already on the train. While walking through a multitude of people between the pier and the ever beautiful marble clad Union Station we decided to go somewhere to eat. And after walking and searching Chicago’s great array of niche type restaurants, pubs and family dinners we decided to go local or go home. Giordano’s was the name.
Giordano's Chicago-style deep dish pizza

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Once inside the restaurant we had to wait over an hour to be seated on a Tuesday night. The place was full, every seat in the house was cradling a tush, including the small bar wood they called a lounge. We stood there in patience since it was already late and we where really hungry. Once seated, everything changed. Service was stupendous, our server was one of a kind, attentive to all details, and quick to take our drinks order and appy’s. One thing Chicago is known for is Deep Dish. So I convinced a Texan named Terry (Big T) to share with me in this endeavor. Let’s just say none of us were disappointed. I can actually say I had a moment with my slice of pizza.
Like no other I’ve ever tasted, this pizza is grade “A” in my books. Between the layers of real full fat mozzarella, deli pepperoni, and that succulent, delicious and hefty serving of pizza sauce I got lost. For a moment all seemed to stop, the voices in the room dimmed and tunnel vision kicked in. After what seemed like an eternity I came to, like being awoken from a deep sleep I started to notice everyone else in the room.
My advice to anyone who travels:
1. Go local or go home: With all the choices it was hard coming to an agreement on where to eat. We prevailed and decided to go local. Giordano’s is a place I will never forget.

2. Create Memories: I love traveling. Flying or road trips are all the same. But going on the road usually means lots of prep work, planing and spending time getting there and then leaving. The least you can do is to enjoy yourself while you’re there. Plan accordingly and take with you all the intangibles for you will never forget them.

In short, If I ever have a chance to make it to Illinois once again, I will make another pit stop at this locale.

Go local or Go Home,

If you could experience unknown local food fare to restaurants you’re familiar with which on would you choose?

English: Chicago Style Pizza with a rich tomat...

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