The Act Food Truck (Reviewed)

Finally, after a much awaited time The Act Food Truck hits the road. (Well, it’s been about 2 months). One lucky day I was able to find the time to make it to the spot where the truck was parked. I was also lucky to gather a few of my co-workers to come with and try out the truck fare.
Personally, I had no reservation on the food since I know the Next Act folks are very detailed oriented and great lovers of food. But boy, we were in for a treat!!!
Upon arriving there we were greeted by what seems to be now the truck’s mascot ‘Pancakes’. My first thought was “I love Pancakes” but this was no ordinary lovable pet , it’s the personal dog of one owners and operators. Pancakes makes for an awesome host and addition to the team. Shout out to Pancakes.
As I mentioned before I was wasn’t really worried about the kind of quality I was going to get from The Truck, and I wasn’t disappointed either. I ended up having the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich. The sandwich was very good indeed, tasty and juicy topped with crispy onions and nestled between a soft kaiser bun. I ended washing down the pork with one of the sugar cane sodas they had on board and ready available at my request.
The one part I was really impressed with was the concoction was floating around the $10 mark including the drink. With pricing like this the folks at The Truck make it really affordable and desirable to go back and shop there again. But wait the goodness doesn’t stop there. The package would be incomplete if I forget to mention how the team is always challenging themselves and adding new characters to their ever revolving menu. And to keep it in the family they als reprise the Cameo’s specials from the pub fare as well. This I believe it to be genius.
In conclusion, if you like food and good food at that please find the truck and go. I guarantee you wont be disappointed. The service is best in class, food is phenomenal and with those prices I wont have to break the bank to get a good mouthful of goodness.
Follow them on twitter @theacttruck to find out where and when you can find them parked, the could be just around the corner.

Q: What’s a food crave you support and recommend? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. 


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