I was inspired when I read this. We aren’t in this alone. We have people that need us in their lives jn order to apply the ‘power if two’


I have been thinking a lot about how much easier things are when you have someone by your side.  Somehow in their presence, we can then find in us the extra stamina we need to finish the job or complete the task. Their “being there” makes all the difference.

Today I watched our daughter run in her first ever cross-country race.  The day was hot and humid and the grass trodden Virginia field boasted warm air, people, dogs, cars and waiting ambulances…just in case a runner “goes down”.

I was able to follow the racers by criss-crossing the field and intersecting the runners as they emerged for short intervals from the dense woods that shouldered the open field.  Parents and coaches traced the sideline offering words punctuated with heartfelt emotion in an effort to move heat-weary runners up the approaching hill or down a long, protracted decline.

The last leg…

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