It’s a BBQ Affair

Let’s us talk about BBQ sauce!BBQ sauce is not all that bad, let me explain. Most Grill Masters would disagree with me that real BBQ meat don’t need the typical bought BBQ sauce you get at the grocery store. I agree, however if there’s one thing we can learn from the French chefs is that a good sauce makes the dish. The sauce puts the finishing touches on any dish. If the food is great then the sauce puts it into another level. Any great sauce can take a dish and shoot it straight into the stratosphere. This is why I want to write about a BBQ sauce.

Store bought BBQ sauces are all the same in a sense. They’re usually tasty and very flavourful but when you turn the bottle around you’ll find a bunch of sodium, preservatives and other questionable ingredients. This is why I’m starting to pull away from buying store brands. Here’s my take on BBQ sauce

Common large shelf display of Maull's BBQ sauc...


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