Today I Make: Habichuela con Dulce (Bean Sweet)

Ok, I didn’t make nor it was done today.

You see, I’m Dominican and for (Holy week) Easter Dominicans make bean sweet. It’s quite  a process and it takes time to make but it’s one of those things you just got to have if you’re Dominican. My mom jut came back from a month hiatus in the D.R. and she’s been bringing back all sorts of stories. Well, she just made me a pot of habichuela con dulce. And it’s so yummy. I wish Taste-o-Vision was real!


This tradition goes back as long as my elders can remember. As far as I know this dish is native to Dominican Republic (correction welcome). I haven’t seen this awesome dessert made on  any other latin american country. This dish is most likely derived from our Afro-European roots, mixed from years and years of old world influence.


Share with me your cultural background food traditions! 

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4 responses to “Today I Make: Habichuela con Dulce (Bean Sweet)

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  3. take out pizza?!?!? I guess it all depends where you get it from.


  4. Anonymous

    My cultural food is take-out pizza. That’s why I’m following you 🙂


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