Today I Make: Beef Stroganoff

Well, sort of,


English: Beef Stroganoff on Pasta 日本語: パスタにかけた...

English: Beef Stroganoff on Pasta 日本語: パスタにかけたビーフストロガノフ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made soup yesterday. I used this really bad vegetable stock. It was really orange and tasteless. It said it was reduced sodium but it didn’t taste like anything at all. After much love and good seasoning the soup was delish.

Anyway, I grab the rest of the soup today, which by the way, had this strange phenomenon in where the broth was gone. As if someone came and drank the broth and left the rest behind.  I took the meat that was left over and tried to make Stroganoff. It didn’t work. There was no love, nor red wine, nor mushrooms. I tried but failed. We had to eat it anyway, after all it was supper time and we eat what we make. That’s what I tell my kids when they don’t want to eat. I had to set the example and eat my disastrous pretend pasta dish. 


Name one of your cooking blunders by leaving a comment. 





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