Today I Make: I gave in… Poor man’s quiche 

So today I installed Pinterest. Why? Because I wanted a pin board for recipes. That is the only reason I did. However I soon found uses for other types of boards like books I wanna read, things I want to buy, electronics, and other types of interests. I never thought I would use Pinterest because I didn’t see the need to pin things online. I’m slowly figuring out the reach Pinterest has and why those on it love this app. Soon I was Immersed in all kinds articles and reading material, sure there isn’t any shortage of things to look up.

My wife offered me a nice quiche type recipe were instead of crust you use day old bread. The main recipe is very similar to a regular quiche but instead of crust one would use bread as a base, I used our squirly bread which is packed full of sesame seads and other goodies .
Although I was a bit skeptical of the bread being soft and soggy, however it turned out to be a nice quiche. The original recipe is found below:
I changed a few things. I don’t like mushrooms so they’re gone, I added yellow zucchini, chili flakes, almond milk, and green onion.

Give it a try and let me k ow what you think.


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September 5, 2016 · 1:50 pm

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