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Today I Make: I gave in… Poor man’s quiche 

So today I installed Pinterest. Why? Because I wanted a pin board for recipes. That is the only reason I did. However I soon found uses for other types of boards like books I wanna read, things I want to buy, electronics, and other types of interests. I never thought I would use Pinterest because I didn’t see the need to pin things online. I’m slowly figuring out the reach Pinterest has and why those on it love this app. Soon I was Immersed in all kinds articles and reading material, sure there isn’t any shortage of things to look up.

My wife offered me a nice quiche type recipe were instead of crust you use day old bread. The main recipe is very similar to a regular quiche but instead of crust one would use bread as a base, I used our squirly bread which is packed full of sesame seads and other goodies .
Although I was a bit skeptical of the bread being soft and soggy, however it turned out to be a nice quiche. The original recipe is found below:
I changed a few things. I don’t like mushrooms so they’re gone, I added yellow zucchini, chili flakes, almond milk, and green onion.

Give it a try and let me k ow what you think.


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September 5, 2016 · 1:50 pm

Today I Make: Hint of Maple Citrus Ginger Carrots 

Very simple stuff and delicious. 

Harvested carrots from my wife’s garden blanched quickly and finished in a sauté pan. Add the juice of a lemon, lime and orange. About an ounce of fresh grated ginger. Finished it with a table spoon of maple syrup. 

Tossed them in some chopped parsley and you’re done!!!! 

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August 18, 2016 · 6:12 pm

The Art of Potlucks; why potlucks are more than food!

In the calendar year I attend or host about 15-20 potlucks. Most are ok, some are great and very few are so engaging that having to end one leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

An assortment of food dishes at a church potluck.

An assortment of food dishes at a church potluck. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people view potlcuks as a mean to be frugal. Different occasions call for potlucks where the host can’t possible feed everyone at once, usually when the number of people are over 10. I see them as a great opportunity to practice hospitality. Many potlucks held at my place are either right after house church or some other Congregational event involving larger crowds like baptisms, birthdays and the like.

In my mind the responsibility falls on the host, the person whom house the event is happening at, unless there’s a party planner involved. If potlucks are not coordinated properly the table ends up with very similar dishes. Last Sunday 3 dishes had chicken drum sticks, luckily they were all different flavours. The host has the opportunity to address the guest before the day and direct the flow of food people will be bringing and dedicating specific people to bring specific things, i.e. such and such person can bring salad, others can bring refreshments, others dessert and so on. Furthermore, the host also has the opportunity to set the mood, plan games and start conversation pieces, setting the tone for the evening/afternoon. Opening your home is one the bravest and coolest thing you can do to practice hospitality. People will see how you prepare, live and treat those who you consider close and loved. In Roman’s 12 we are encouraged to practice hospitality, opening the doors of your house is inviting people to your world. People will see you for who you truly are, allowing them to come in our home places the host in a vulnerable position. Many people don’t open their homes unless they’re in immaculate shape, which of course is not likely if you have children.  I’m a huge believer in saying food brings people together. The camaraderie  and time spent in company allows people to share and get to know one another.

Good times are to be had in proper planned potlucks and get together’s.

Share with us your potluck stories?

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October 21, 2013 · 9:13 pm

Today I Make: Turkey Melt

Today I got the last of the turkey and made some melts. They were delicious. Used seasoning, gravy, bit of mayo and topped it with mozzarella. The kids devoured them I paired the melts with tossed green salad, tomatoes, peppers, sunflower seeds, cashews and tzatziki sauce

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