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Today I Make: I gave in… Poor man’s quiche 

So today I installed Pinterest. Why? Because I wanted a pin board for recipes. That is the only reason I did. However I soon found uses for other types of boards like books I wanna read, things I want to buy, electronics, and other types of interests. I never thought I would use Pinterest because I didn’t see the need to pin things online. I’m slowly figuring out the reach Pinterest has and why those on it love this app. Soon I was Immersed in all kinds articles and reading material, sure there isn’t any shortage of things to look up.

My wife offered me a nice quiche type recipe were instead of crust you use day old bread. The main recipe is very similar to a regular quiche but instead of crust one would use bread as a base, I used our squirly bread which is packed full of sesame seads and other goodies .
Although I was a bit skeptical of the bread being soft and soggy, however it turned out to be a nice quiche. The original recipe is found below:
I changed a few things. I don’t like mushrooms so they’re gone, I added yellow zucchini, chili flakes, almond milk, and green onion.

Give it a try and let me k ow what you think.


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September 5, 2016 · 1:50 pm

Today I Make: Hint of Maple Citrus Ginger Carrots 

Very simple stuff and delicious. 

Harvested carrots from my wife’s garden blanched quickly and finished in a sauté pan. Add the juice of a lemon, lime and orange. About an ounce of fresh grated ginger. Finished it with a table spoon of maple syrup. 

Tossed them in some chopped parsley and you’re done!!!! 

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August 18, 2016 · 6:12 pm

Today I Make: Olive Oil and Sea-salt Popcorn

Long has been since we’ve made microwaveable popcorn. Instead we pop our own with a theater style popcorn make, thanks to my mom. It’s so as the title suggest, the flavor is delicious. Using 1/2 tbsp organic Olive oil for 1/4 cup of popping corn adding sea salt to taste. It truly is a wonderful treat!! Enjoy! What are some treats you like?

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Today I Make: Moro (pigeon pea rice)

This one brings me back to my childhood in the Dominican Republic. It’s a really simple dish.

Arroz con guandules!

Arroz con guandules! (Photo credit: urbanlatinfemale)

It’s been years since I’ve had pigeon peas (guandules) and when I finally found out what they were call in English (pigeon peas) I looked for them right away. Long and behold, I found them in the Caribbean isle in the supermarket. Funny enough I also found out the name “guandules” is only known to Spanish speaking Caribbean countries. Which is why I couldn’t find them anywhere.

This is one dish I dreamed about. Moro De Guandules, it involves dice onion, garlic, peppers, tomato and tomato paste. Seasoning, oregano and thyme are also key components of the dish but what really brings all the flavours together is coconut cream (milk). I on the other hand used coconut oil, its way more economical and you still get the same results. The flavour element is bang on while not compromising the rest of the dish.

Name a nostalgic dish by leaving a comment? Tell us how they bring you back to times of old memories! 


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Today I Make: Beef Stroganoff

Well, sort of,


English: Beef Stroganoff on Pasta 日本語: パスタにかけた...

English: Beef Stroganoff on Pasta 日本語: パスタにかけたビーフストロガノフ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made soup yesterday. I used this really bad vegetable stock. It was really orange and tasteless. It said it was reduced sodium but it didn’t taste like anything at all. After much love and good seasoning the soup was delish.

Anyway, I grab the rest of the soup today, which by the way, had this strange phenomenon in where the broth was gone. As if someone came and drank the broth and left the rest behind.  I took the meat that was left over and tried to make Stroganoff. It didn’t work. There was no love, nor red wine, nor mushrooms. I tried but failed. We had to eat it anyway, after all it was supper time and we eat what we make. That’s what I tell my kids when they don’t want to eat. I had to set the example and eat my disastrous pretend pasta dish. 


Name one of your cooking blunders by leaving a comment. 




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Today I Make: Balsamic Asparagus

This is one of my wife’s favourites;

Very simple and very delicious;

balsamic asparagus

Raw asparagus sautéed with olive oil and basted for a minute in order to steam them. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar, tablespoon of butter and a squirt of honey, seasoning to taste. The whole dish takes no more than 6 minutes to make. I didn’t boil the asparagus first. I cooked from raw, this way you’ll get a snap and crisp to the dish… and yes, they will cook just fine…

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What made quick simple dishes tickle your belly? 


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Today I Make: Habichuela con Dulce (Bean Sweet)

Ok, I didn’t make nor it was done today.

You see, I’m Dominican and for (Holy week) Easter Dominicans make bean sweet. It’s quite  a process and it takes time to make but it’s one of those things you just got to have if you’re Dominican. My mom jut came back from a month hiatus in the D.R. and she’s been bringing back all sorts of stories. Well, she just made me a pot of habichuela con dulce. And it’s so yummy. I wish Taste-o-Vision was real!


This tradition goes back as long as my elders can remember. As far as I know this dish is native to Dominican Republic (correction welcome). I haven’t seen this awesome dessert made on  any other latin american country. This dish is most likely derived from our Afro-European roots, mixed from years and years of old world influence.


Share with me your cultural background food traditions! 

Reply by leaving a comment.


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