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Why Mealshare is Awesome!

I first heard of Mealshare through a restaurant I serviced and  soon after from a good friend of mine who owns a southern cooking New Orleans’ style restaurant. Mealshare partners with restaurants to provide  food for the less fortunate.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

At Mealshare, we create partnerships with restaurants to help people, by providing one meal to someone in need for every Mealshare item purchased. Menu items that restaurants select to participate have a Mealshare logo next to them for easy recognition. For each Mealshare meal sold, restaurants give a portion of the proceeds to Mealshare. With this contribution, we ensure that one meal is provided for someone in need for every Mealshare purchased. Buy one, give one. Simple.

To provide meals, Mealshare receives money from our partner restaurants for each Mealshare meal sold, and we then donate money to our charitable partners. With that money, our partner charities are able to provide a complete and nutritious meal to someone in need. Partner charities, of course, have different meal costs as they operate in different areas and with different approaches, so a different amount of money gets donated by Mealshare in each case. In the end, we ensure that the number of meals provided to people in need matches the number of Mealshare items purchased. We hope you will take the time to find out more about our amazing charity partners by visiting the ‘Charities’ section of the website.

you can follow mealshare in twitter or facebook

@mealshareteam or facebook.com/MealshareTeam

Mealshare is a wonderful program dedicated to help the local charities to continue services and food to the homeless. I’m happy to say here in Edmonton are at least 3 restaurants participating. My hope is for the big players and chain restaurants to take part and spread the not only the word but the great benefits this program has to offer.


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